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Do you have questions or topic suggestions for our podcast?

ADHD QuestionsDo you have questions or topic suggestions for our podcast? Please send your suggestions to and we will talk about your questions and topic ideas in future podcast episodes.

Please keep in mind that we cannot provide advice or clinical intervention to individuals, so please do not send questions about specific people. These questions will not be answered. If you do have specific questions or concerns about yourself or your child, visit a professional in your area to best determine what kind of individual supports or strategies are needed.Welcome to ADHD Families - we're glad you're here!

October is ADHD Awareness Month!

October is ADHD Awareness MonthAs a way to bring more awareness to ADHD, we would like to invite you to share your thoughts about what you have learned about ADHD and how that has helped you to make positive changes in your life.

During the month of October, we will share these responses on our podcast, Inside ADHD. Sharing your stories will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on how you may have grown in your understanding of ADHD and how this new understanding may have helped you to make positive changes. Families who are new to the ADHD diagnosis may also be inspired to hear how other families have grown throughout the process of coming to understand the diagnosis. Answers will be shared anonymously.

For the month of October, the Inside ADHD podcast will have new episodes each Monday that will tackle specific ADHD myths. Accurate information will be provided so that listeners can understand why the myths are untrue and unhelpful.

We hope you will join us all October long and participate in the conversation by completing our survey and sharing your stories!

New Podcasts!

ADHD and Back to School

This podcast episode provides parents with some tips for helping the new school year be successful for students who have ADHD. Listen to this podcast.

What is an IPP?

This podcast provides information about IPPs (Individual Program Plans) for students with disabilities. In most school systems, ADHD is considered a disability and therefore an IPP is usually put into place to support the student. 

Parents will learn more about IPPs and how they can advocate for their child during the IPP process. Listen to this podcast.

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